Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. Sakshi goel
Primary Specialty MDS ( Periodontics )
Experience 7 years and counting
Education & Training
Medical Education Master of Dental Surgery degree
Practice Areas Consultant periodontist and takes up complex gums surgeries
Certifications MDS (Gums Specialist)


Dr. Sakshi Goel is a distinguished  gums specialist renowned for her expertise in periodontics. With a strong foundation in dentistry and a passion for gum health, she obtained her MDS (Master of Dental Surgery degree ). Driven by a commitment to optimal oral well-being, she focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating gum diseases. Her precision in performing procedures such as scaling, root planing, and gum surgeries has earned her respect among patients and peers. Dr. Sakshi Goel’s dedication extends to educating patients about the significance of gum health, solidifying her role as a leading figure in periodontics and a catalyst for improved smiles.