Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. Sneha Verma
Primary Specialty Dentist
Experience 10+ Years
Education & Training
Medical Education Bachelor of Dental Surgery
Practice Areas Smile Designer
Certifications BDS (Smile Designer)


Dr. Sneha Verma, a creative  Smile designer, crafts personalized transformations through her artistic touch. With a BDS ( Bachelor of Dental Surgery) degree, she combines aesthetics and dentistry to curate radiant smiles. Driven by a passion for enhancing facial harmony, she analyzes each patient’s unique features to create custom smile makeovers. Her expertise spans teeth whitening, veneers, and contouring, ensuring natural and confident outcomes. Dr. Dr. Sneha Verma’s dedication to embracing individuality shines through her work, making her a sought-after figure in smile design. Her ability to blend science and art elevates the dental experience, leaving a lasting positive impact on her patients.