Braces Treatment in Panipat

Dental Braces help straighten the crooked & misaligned teeth, guiding the teeth to a correct position. This treatment includes placing brackets, wires, & bands which enables the correction of jaws and irregular teeth positioning & improve the smile aesthetics. These wire-based appliances, called braces, are used by orthodontists to re-shape the crowded or misaligned teeth & jaw. The aim of dental braces is to suitably align the teeth & jaws so that one has an ideal occlusion & an endearing smile.

Do I need Braces?

You would possibly develop characteristics like teeth crowding & misalignment in your growing years. If unnoticed it can lead to detrimental effect on your personality as you will not have a pleasing smile. There will be chewing problems leading to dental cavities or gum issues.

When can I get Braces Treatment started?

Children between 6 to 12 years should be scheduled for regular dental check up to anticipate malocclusion or crowding. This formulates interceptive approach in treating malocclusion through various removable appliances or habit breakers.

The ideal treatment age for braces is 14-15 years. The growth potential at this age is utilised along with braces treatment.

Can I get braces treatment at the age above 18 years?

Due to recent advances in treatment modalities, nowadays adult orthodontics is also attempted with predictable results. The dentists at our dental clinic in Panipat, Kataria Dental Clinic & Implant Center believe in a team work and our core team headed by Dr Aman Kataria, Orthodontist and Pedodontist evaluate each and every case in detail and formulate treatment plan accordingly.

What are the different type of Braces?

Nowadays orthodontists primarily offer three kind of braces. At Kataria Dental Clinic & Implant Center we offfer these special types of braces in Panipat.

Metal braces – Among the most prevalent corrective options, metal braces work well for all age groups & are usually affordable. In this treatment option, metal brackets are put on the teeth for a few months in order to re-shape the teeth & jaws of the individuals.

Ceramic braces – Accounting to be among the latest treatments, ceramic braces are tooth-colored or clear brackets that blend in with the teeth. Relatively more aesthetic & convenient, these brackets are less noticeable than the metallic ones.

Lingual Braces – Lingual braces are almost the same as the traditional metal braces, except for the way they are fitted is relatively better. Lingual brackets and wires are placed on the inside of the teeth & so they aren’t much noticeable.

Invisible braces – Also known as Invisalign, this treatment comprises the formation of 18 to 30 custom-made clear plastic aligners. These clear mouth guard-like plastic aligners are removable & are fairly aesthetic and supreme. These invisible braces need to be replaced in every two weeks.

What is the process to get braces treatment started?

Many dentists offer basic alignment treatments but our multi-specialty clinic, Crown & Roots, provides the specialized treatments and braces in South Delhi. Our smile experts might ask questions about your health, conduct clinical exams, take impressions of your teeth, & order X-rays of the mouth, to provide you with the choicest treatments and braces in Delhi. One usually needs to gather precise knowledge before getting the treatments done & our dentists at Crown & Roots are always available to help. Visit us at our dental clinic in Panipat for more information!

How much time does it take for the braces treatment to be over?

Generally simple cases are completed in 6-month period. Treatment time may vary from 6 months to 2 years depending upon the severity of malocclusion. In certain treatment plan, extraction of permanent teeth is required to gain spaces and correct crowding. Such cases take more time.

Does Braces treatment damage the teeth?

It is one of the common misconceptions that braces treatment hamper good health of our teeth. If the treatment is properly planned and done within physiological limits, results are very good for overall oral health. The misconception that teeth will become loose is factually incorrect

Do I have to wear retainers after the braces treatment?

After the treatment is done, to maintain the position of teeth and gums retainers are provided for a period of six months to two years.

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