Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. Balwinder Singh
Primary Specialty MDS (Oral medicine and radiology)
Experience 10 years and counting
Education & Training
Medical Education Master of Dental Surgery
Practice Areas Consultant Oral and maxillofacial radiologist and reports CBCT Scans
Certifications MDS ( Oral and maxillofacial Radiologist)


Dr. Balwinder Singh is a distinguished oral and maxillofacial radiologist known for his expertise in advanced imaging techniques. With a MDS ( Master of Dental Surgery ) degree, he specializes in capturing detailed images of the oral and facial structures. Dr. Balwinder Singh meticulous analysis aids in diagnosing complex dental and facial conditions, contributing significantly to treatment planning and patient care. His proficiency in technologies like CBCT and MRI enhances his ability to provide accurate insights. Driven by a commitment to precision and excellence, he stands as a valuable asset in the field, collaborating with dental and medical professionals to ensure comprehensive patient well-being.