Dental Implants in Panipat

dental implant is a metal (titanium) screw which is designed to position into the jawbone beneath gums. It allows placing a replacement for a missing tooth or teeth. Implant fuses into jawbone to make firm support for artificial teeth – dentures and bridges mounted on implants remain firm and feel more natural and convenient.

When would I require a dental implant?

Dental implant is treatment modality in which missing teeth are replaced with titanium screws through which a crown is attached in the oral cavity.

Is a Dental Implant suitable for me?

Visit our clinic Crown and Roots for a thorough check-up of your oral health to know whether you go for dental implant directly or require a bone grafting surgery for implant.

Why replacing a missing teeth with dental implant so important?

Do you have a missing tooth? If yes, then you might face a bigger risk of not just losing your teeth but the jawbone around that teeth. Missing teeth will eventually lead to deteriorating bone quality around those areas. After a certain point placing implants would also be difficult in that particular area. Jawbone needs stimulation to retain its mass and it gets the stimulation from teeth. Missing a tooth would mean no stimulation for the jawbone.

What happens in dental implant procedure?

It is surgically placed directly on the jawbone but sometimes a bone graft surgery is required. In any case, an implant is fixed and the patient is allowed to walk-out with tips and tricks to maintain the implant in good health.

The procedure takes up to 45 to 60 minutes and same day you can go home happy and healthy after the surgery. Soon, you will get the replacement crown on the implant. It would complete your set of teeth and bring back the lost smile and glow.

What are the advantages of dental implant over bridge work?

If you are still living with a missing tooth, you are denying yourself the advantages of implants. A dental implant looks, feels and works like natural teeth. And it requires no special care. Here are some advantages-

Who will perform implant procedure at Kataria Dental Clinic ?

At Kataria Dental Clinic, implant related procedures are done by Dr Isha Kataria. She is a qualified implantologist and has completed her masters in implant related field. With the desire and zeal to lean about all the recent trends in implant she has mastered the craft like a thorough professional. Her patients are always relaxed and calm about the treatment outcomes.  The surgery team comprises of two highly skilled and experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr Kriti Nagpal and Dr Tarun Sharma. Before starting every case, a detailed discussion takes place between all specialists and a patient centric treatment approach is planned. The same is conveyed to the patient and all doubts and concerns are addressed. After the go ahead from the patient, surgery is done in strict sterilization protocols.

What are Oral care tips for Dental Implants?

An implant can last a lifetime, if it gets due care

Visit your dentist every six months for regular examination of your implant. The dentist would certify the implant is in good condition and working.

Faq’s Root Canal Treatment

Dental Implants are not that expensive in terms of longevity and the advantages it offers in giving a fixed alternative to missing teeth. Titanium screw are placed surgically into the bone which makes dental implant a surgical procedure.

If the bone quality is good around the implant, artificial bone graft is not required. X-ray will suggest the quality of bone.

Same day implants can be offered in various conditions such as the front teeth. It depends upon the clinical situation.

For dental implants usually in the first visit dental implants is placed. After 3-4 months two to three visits are required for fabricating the crown.

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